The Wasteland Suicides – Part 1


Born to die, from our first scream
we fight it
you never know
we bastards want to live

The death rate is 100%
(unless you count Enoch and Elijah)
but in atheism we trust
until it gets on towards midnight
and the sun's laughing in China
singing his song of triumph
over every man of woman born.

Listen children to a story that was written
since the garden we all fell out of
and became workers and bankers and doctors
and such.
When is there time enough?
How long?  How long until the Death Demon
dressed in blue stands at your door
and you find you don't live no more?
What kind of insurance do you have?
What kind of will have you written?
Listen children
the good Lord ain't gonna let you live

Pedalling downwards through light
and memory
I come to a choice
between an easy ride
through quiet dreaming cows
and the spiral up
into the hills
beckoning hills that, once climbed
have only other hills on the other side.
Canted forward
I lean into the choice
and pedal up
toward my idea of hills
toward a horizon that remains
infinitely far away.

"I love you
I would die for you
	let me count the ways."
				until the sun ceases rising
				I will stand by your side."
I will be the dawn
the herald of the sun
your love for me."

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