The Wasteland Suicides – Part 2


	A little ditty about Jack and Diane
two American kids doing the best that they can.
Jack's gonna be a football star
got his varsity letter and his daddy's car.
Diane's captain of the cheerling squad
Bleach blonde hair and guys when she nods.
Been going out since she was sixteen
been a year now that she's worn his ring.
Nobody else look so good together
everbody knows they're perfect for each other.
Everything's good and nothing is wrong
love's forever and life rolls on.

	Life goes on
	long after the thrill
	of living it is gone

What is the baby?
		A seed!

Red light
green light
and Mother may I
grow up?
				Whither thou goest
				I will go
				and thy people shall be
til				my people
death				and thy god
do				my god.

	Live long and prosper
	for tomorrow we shall die.

What's your sign, he said, inching over to me
(I knew what he wanted
under the counter his hand moistly licked
at my thigh and I answered, No you may not)
Sagittarius, the archer
who sends his arrows, I said, looking into his eyes.
I'm Taurus, he replied, the bull, you know
I like the earthy side of life
if you know what I mean.
(Of course I do, you dick attached to a man)
By the way, my name's Bill, Bill the Bull you know
and I'm a styrofoam manufacturer.  Whattya you do?
(I'm a hooker.  That's what I should say.
Wonder what he'd do?)
I'm studying to be a psychologist but I'm training
for the Olympics, I replied.
Isn't that too much for a little lady like you?
Bill asked.  Not at all I replied (That bottle
would break nicely over his head) I'm a cyclist.
Really? he asked.  Really I replied (his vague
fingers groping invading the darkness of my loosening
thighs.  A shudder in my loins and I smile up
at the bastard)  Want to come over to my place?
I ask.  (Nobody lives forever.  Get what you can
while you can.  Time's running out on my biological
clock.  This is all there is.)

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