They all want to play at life

They all want to play at life.
They have not exactly gone to college.
Nor gotten their girlfriends pregnant,
Nor seen a best friend falling with
booze gagging the throat,
Not exactly seen their mothers lying
in hospital beds
        dying in deadflower-smelling sheets,
Not exactly this have they gotten at
nor the meaning of
        responsibility -- O responsibility,
responsibility given by an uncaring
        sequence of events -- in the most joyous life
the Lord, God gave to man
Yet they all want to play at life because it is free
        like all children were free and to stand by a red
        Corvette with its keys in the hand and then
        to say over sexy and say over sexy loving,
        meaningless words masking a heart's doubting,
This is something that calls and calls to their blood.
They are dreaming when they talk about it and they know
       it is dreaming to be particular about it and yet:
They all want to play at life.
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