you listen not hear not

you listen not
hear not
so i will speak
renaissance artists were looking for humanity
in art
with Jesus Christ and his eternal sacrifice
dead dead dead on the cross and aren't we sad
about it?
i am looking for my identity
in this apartment
with you,
my great young god,
who says he has died for me
over and over and
please remind me again that I have never
ever done anything to deserve your love
hadn't I better start trying?
(i hope god gives extra credit points for
husbands like you)
the only thing i want
is to be freed
and, being free,
to love
is there love without bondage?
you are the endlessly dying
unfortunately never dead
you married the
Ugliest Woman alive
and the fattest
and still live to complain
about it
i am small
inside and I wish I could be
a word,
my words,
rather than your
you are not Satan
I love you
but by what right do you ask
my worship
jesus died to take my sins away
what do you promise me?
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