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I was very suicidal when I was young. I wrote lots of crazy, suicidal poetry. In fact, one time, my sister found one of my notebooks, and thought it would be fun to take it to school and make a whole presentation to her class. I hated her so much for that.

Times have changed, however. I’ve been happily married for 25 years. Okay, that’s a lie. Happily for at least 23 years though. The first two years were hell. But I learned patience. And I discovered Starbucks Coffee.

I’m still clinically depressed. I take several medications to keep me balanced. So life isn’t full of misery anymore. When I was young, poetry was easy to write, because my life was filled with so much misery. Nobody liked me at school, because I was too smart for every class. I would always upset the curve, because I got perfect scores on every test.

I’m sure that if I stopped taking my medications, I could still write brilliant suicidal poetry. But I don’t think the tradeoff is worth it. I guess I’ll have to be more creative with what creates misery in my life.

16 thoughts on “About Me

    • It really is amazing how much the meds help. I certainly don’t have the compulsion to hurt myself anymore. I still have the OCD, but it’s manageable now. I’m pretty sure that anyone with an above average IQ knows the pain of alienation. At least in my experience, that has been true. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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  1. Hey Dixie, thanks for dropping by and following my mostly poetic writings. I’ve just read a couple of your poems and they are great. Keep writing, looking forward to reading more of you.

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  2. Suicidal poems… a new genre I’ve come to known…Dixie I hope you are worthy of living than the people who have been hurting you.. I’m happy that you’ve found a vent and have succeeded to overcoming the pitfalls…keep going..Wish you all success

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  3. Hi Dixie – Thanks so much for following my blog! I see you are also a poet. While misery can make for excellent poetry, it’s not really the best way to live life, is it? At least I don’t feel that way. It’s great that you made a decision and stuck with it. I will keep on returning to read your poetry.

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      • Well, there were some very low points during my teenage years that I thought seriously about suicide too. I look back and realize it really was just my body going through tremendous hormonal changes.

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  4. It’s kind of funny that so often, sadness is simply a chemical imbalance. Has nothing to do with boys, or your parents, or school… Okay, that’s a lie. It was usually about all of the above, only with the chemical imbalance on top of it. Good times.


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