am i yet sane, brother?

am i yet sane, brother?
	what is
		the line
			the razor's edge Bill Murray walked
				between mankind and godhood?
	(i saw the movie Oh, God Book II)
they showed the child pictures of Ronald Reagan (was it he?)
		and Bugs Bunny, and asked her which was real
(could i tell?  moot, moot, moot, no need to answer an unasked question)
Joan of Arc heard voices
				(dare i believe?
						no.  she dreamed of saints and angels
						i do not.)
chasing white rabbits into looking glass worlds
	why is a raven like a writing desk?
					(zOOM -- ZOOm -- erk
							"Mad, mad, I must be mad!")
			(sane, sane, I must be sane
			 but what is sanity
					when fiction is more real
					than life?)
flowers flung by a dancing girl in Hamlet, the greatest mass murder
	in all Shakespeare...
						Ophelia, poor
				mad Ophelia, did you at last
							understand the joke?

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